Hi! I’m Natalie.

I’m passionate about building brands and communities. After graduating from Michigan State (Go Green!) and working at a Detroit advertising agency, I moved to San Francisco, where I’ve spent the past five years in cross-functional roles at Silicon Valley startups.

In that time, I’ve launched websites and apps, being involved in everything from information architecture and content writing to illustration, social media, product videos, and technical support—whatever was needed, I was ready to jump in and help. My most recent startup was acquired by Oracle in January 2017, and I’m currently in the process of transitioning our product and marketing collateral as part of the merger.

In a fast-paced environment, I thrived being thrown into challenging projects, working with lean teams consisting of myself and usually only a few others. I’m comfortable as an individual contributor and as a leader, and enjoy collaborating with people who can teach me new skill sets.